COVID-19 Pandemic: impact on UBELIX operations

The University of Bern switched to emergency operations (minimal presence). The HPC team put in all effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 by working remotly.

The UBELIX system stays in production and the HPC team do their best to continue the services, even if problems may take longer to solve. For any questions or issue please write to:

The UniBE HPC team would like to contribute to the research in the fight against COVID-19. Any related studies may get special UBELIX priorities as well as special software support on request (

Resource Utilization

Partition #Nodes #Cores Mem CPU Cores Usage Memory Usage
bdw 219 4380 25763 GiB
epyc2 43 5504 42636 GiB
aiub 7 140 823 GiB

Compute Node Availabilty

Available nodes: 0

Total nodes: 0

0 %

Pending Jobs

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